Welcome to Clubkade, Den Bosch’s unique destination for non-mainstream electronic dance music. As the city’s only real nightclub focused on this genre, we offer an inclusive space where everyone is welcome, and the dance floor becomes a shared sanctuary for music lovers.

We believe in the power of music to connect people from all walks of life. Our program mostly consists of non-mainstream electronic music artists which offers a distinct experience. Whether you’re a seasoned dance aficionado or new to the scene. Our commitment to inclusiveness means that Clubkade is a place where diversity thrives, and everyone can feel at home.

Clubkade is equipped with a high-end F1 sound system, delivering clear and powerful audio. Our lighting system adds to the atmosphere, creating a visually engaging environment that complements the music.

We are also a nurturing ground for talent and upcoming artists in the region. We support the local music scene by providing a platform for emerging artists to showcase their talent. By featuring a range of performers, from fresh faces to rising stars, we help cultivate the next generation of electronic music artists.

Join us at Clubkade, Den Bosch’s night club for music lovers.

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